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 Agent Type Office 
 Abraham, Kierston Residential Manteca 
 Abu-Shamsiyh, Jamal Residential Stockton 
 Adams, Lori Residential Manteca 
 Afaga, Terry Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Agresti, Debbi Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Alberg, Michael Residential Lodi - South 
 Alegre, Leonard Residential Manteca 
 Allan, David Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Allert, Kathy Residential Manteca 
 Allgood, Loren Residential Stockton 
 Allison, Terri Residential Oakdale 
 Alvarez, Enid Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Alves, Judi Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Anaro, Felicia Residential Manteca 
 Anderson, Heather J. Residential Lodi - North 
 Andrade, Marisa Residential Oakdale 
 Antrim, Chris Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Arbios-Perak, Denise Residential Lodi - South 
 Arce, Nina Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Arivett, Bob Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Arivett, Jean Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Arnaud, Anna Residential Manteca 
 Arroyo, Robert Residential Manteca 
 Artiga, Danny Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Atkins, Carla Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Austin, Greg Residential, Agricultural Agricultural 
 Austin-Haston, Angie Residential Oakdale 
 Avilla, Stacy Residential Oakdale 
 Azevedo, Les Residential Hilmar 
 Bahlke-Wagner, Christina Residential Lodi - South 
 Baker, Joan Residential Oakdale 
 Ballas, Joseph Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Balsbaugh, Ben Residential Modesto - Scenic 
 Balzer, Trever Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Barajas, Sara Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Barker, Brockie Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Barraza, Victor Residential, Commercial Modesto - Carpenter 
 Barrett, Jessie Residential Manteca 
 Basi, Joeanna Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Bates, Gladys Residential Lodi - North 
 Bates, John Residential Lodi - North 
 Bates, Robert Residential Lodi - North 
 Bates, Vicky Residential Escalon 
 Baugh, Teresa Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Baziuk, Mike Residential Manteca 
 Baziuk, Roxanne Residential Manteca 
 Beall, Desiree Residential Escalon 
 Becker, Linda Residential Tracy 
 Beier, Jason Residential Manteca 
 Bellah, Camie Residential Sonora 
 Berchtold, Denise Residential Escalon 
 Bernstein, Mike Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Bianco, Michael Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Birdsong, Wanda J. Residential Oakdale 
 Bondi, Joseph Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Bongatti, Linda Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Boone, Lisa Residential Manteca 
 Boone, Sherman Residential, Agricultural Commercial - Modesto 
 Borba, Barb Residential Oakdale 
 Borbon, Kathleen Residential Stockton 
 Borbon, Rafael Residential Stockton 
 Boscacci, Doug Residential Stockton 
 Boscacci, Everett Residential Stockton 
 Bowen, Bradford Residential, Commercial, Agricultural Modesto - Carpenter 
 Boyers-Birdsong, Stacey L. Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Brandsma, Meredith Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Brannon, Glenda Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Brasil, John Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Bravo, Genoveva Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Brazeal, Bob Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Brazeal, Brian Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Breshears, Roddy Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Brink, Diana Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Brooks, Allen Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Brown, Alan Residential Stockton 
 Brown, Randy Residential Pleasanton 
 Bullard, Kimm Residential Jackson 
 Bunker, Lisa Residential Modesto - Scenic 
 Burke, Kendall Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Bush, Linda Residential Lodi - South 
 Bussell, Brandon Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Cain, Bob Residential Oakdale 
 Call, Nancy Residential Oakdale 
 Camara, Jordan Residential Manteca 
 Campbell, Cyndi Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Cannon, Fatima Residential Stockton 
 Caraballo, Ernie Residential Stockton 
 Cardoza, Lorraine Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Carlton, James Residential Lodi - South 
 Carmichael, Michael Residential Ceres 
 Carrillo, Liz Residential Ceres 
 Carter, Renee Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Carvalho, Randy Residential Stockton 
 Casillas, Irma Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Castanon, Daniel Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Castro, Mike Residential Ceres 
 Cates, Jim Residential Oakdale 
 Cates, Jo Residential Oakdale 
 Caton, Al Residential Oakdale 
 Caton, Carol Residential Oakdale 
 Caton, Nicholas Residential Oakdale 
 Catrina, Laura Residential Oakdale 
 Cedillo, Lisa Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Chaffey, Lynis Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Chapina, Vanessa Residential Tracy 
 Chapman, Georgia Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Chavez, Lorena M. Residential Ceres 
 Cherry, Ashley Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Chiangi, Melissa Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Chinchiolo, Allison Residential, Agricultural Manteca 
 Choate, Seth Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Clark, Jenita Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Cockrell, Tina Residential Oakdale 
 Colby Walters, Marcy Residential Jackson 
 Cole, Ed Residential Oakdale 
 Collier, Carol Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Conti, Leah Residential Stockton 
 Cook, Lori Residential Ceres 
 Cooke, James Residential Stockton 
 Corren, Ryan Residential Stockton 
 Cortez, Julia Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Coss, Jorge Residential Ceres 
 Costello, Eileen Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Covarrubias, Robert Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Cowgill, Carl Residential Stockton 
 Cowgill, Jennifer Residential Stockton 
 Cowgill, John Sr. Residential Stockton 
 Cuevas, Alma Residential Stockton 
 Currie, Paul Residential Oakdale 
 Da Rosa, Susana Residential Oakdale 
 Dale, Kim Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Dale, Ron Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Dalrymple, Amanda Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Dami, Derik Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Daos, Edna Residential Tracy 
 daSilva, Priscilla Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 daSilva, Ray Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 David, Penny Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Davidson, Loretta Residential Oakdale 
 Davidson, Roberta Residential Ripon 
 Dawson, April Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Day, Chrissy Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 De Jong, Carla Residential Ripon 
 De La Luz, Elena Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Del Real, Daniel Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Del Real, Indalecio (Andy) Jr.. Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Denison, Betty Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Diaz, Pat Residential Ripon 
 Dillon, Joan L. Residential Lodi - North 
 Domagalski, Mary Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Domagalski, Richard Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Dorton, Marjorie Residential Stockton 
 Dunning, Susie Residential Lodi - North 
 Dutra, Michael Residential Stockton 
 Eakes, Phillip Residential Stockton 
 Eaves, Georgia Residential Stockton 
 Edwards, Veronica Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Ellett, Rob Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Elliott, Carol Residential Lodi - North 
 Ellis, J.R. Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Engel, Kristi Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Erickson, Grace Residential Stockton 
 Erreca, Mark Residential Los Banos 
 Estrada, Maria Residential Stockton 
 Ezeji, Denise Residential Stockton 
 Fagundes, Susie Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Farinha, Adrienne Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Farris, Brittany Residential Ripon 
 Feldhaus, Ron Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Fernandez, Jesus Residential Stockton 
 Fields, Sarah Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Flemmer, Brent Residential Lodi - South 
 Flemmer, Bruce Residential Lodi - South 
 Flemmer, Lowell Residential Lodi - South 
 Flores, LeeAnn Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Flynn, Shannon Residential Lockeford 
 Ford, Tasha Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Freggiaro, Daniel Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Fritz, Joyce Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Fulke, Kally Residential, Commercial, Agricultural Commercial - Modesto 
 Gabelhaus, Phyllis Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Gaetano, Karla Residential Jackson 
 Gallegos, Patti Residential Ripon 
 Galvez, Miguel A. Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Ganzer, Mary Residential Stockton 
 Garber, Lynn Residential, Commercial, Agricultural Commercial - Modesto 
 Garcia, Claudia Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Gardner, Evelyn Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Geringer, Sheri Residential, Commercial Manteca 
 Gervase, Gary Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Giles, Valerie Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Gillier, Dominique Residential Lodi - North 
 Gillon, Jessica Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Giottonini, Jon Commercial Commercial - Stockton 
 Girard, Catrina Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Giusto, Pam Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Goff, Tana Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Gomes, Gisele Residential, Commercial Oakdale 
 Gonsalves, Donald Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Gonzales, Roxanna Residential Escalon 
 Gonzalez, Cynthia Residential Los Banos 
 Gonzalez, Ismael Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Gonzalez, Jorge Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Gonzalez, Rosa Residential Stockton 
 Gonzalez, Rufino P. Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Goold, Karrie Residential Stockton 
 Gouzenne, Reneé Residential Oakdale 
 Gray, Gloria Residential Manteca 
 Greene, Racheal Residential Lodi - North 
 Greener, Marvin Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Griffith, Michelle Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Gross, Anne Residential Ceres 
 Guaimano, Jana Residential Pleasanton 
 Guice, Karen Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Guitron, Elva Residential Manteca 
 Gunter, Ly Residential Stockton 
 Gutierrez, Brenda Residential Ceres 
 Gutierrez, Carlos Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Gutierrez, Esther Residential Stockton 
 Gutierrez, Graciela Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Gutierrez, Leticia Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Gutierrez, Marlene Residential Lodi - South 
 Hahn, Stephanie Residential Oakdale 
 Haidar, David Residential Hughson 
 Hall, Gary Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Hammond, Mark Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Hardcastle, Danielle Residential Stockton 
 Harmon, Hank Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Harmon, Pam Residential Modesto - Scenic 
 Harmon, Paul Residential Modesto - Scenic 
 Harps, Al Residential Stockton 
 Harrison, Lori Residential Stockton 
 Harty, Barbara Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Hayes, Brenda Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Heilman, Travis Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Heiny, Karen Residential Oakdale 
 Henry, Patrick Residential Lodi - North 
 Hernandez, Aidee Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Hernandez, Fernando Residential Manteca 
 Herr, Kim Residential Manteca 
 Hiemstra, Kim Residential Oakdale 
 High, Randy Jr. Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Hink, Austin Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Hinkle, Hidi Residential Lodi - North 
 Hoiland, Katherine Residential Oakdale 
 Holly, Julie Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Holly, Steve Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Horne, Roxanna Residential Oakdale 
 Houston, Jerry Residential Lodi - North 
 Huckins, Ray Residential Lodi - North 
 Huggins, Rae Residential Ceres 
 Hughes, Clennon Residential Stockton 
 Humphries, Elwood Residential Stockton 
 Huynh, Benjamin Residential Stockton 
 Ibarra, Gladys E. Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Ingwerson, Eric Residential Ceres 
 Ivary, Rebecca Residential Stockton 
 Jackson, Isabelle Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Jamison, Craig Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Jamison, Lisa Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Johal, Neil Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Johnson, Christy Residential Stockton 
 Johnson, Heidi Residential Corporate 
 Johnson, Karen Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Jones, Jeannie Residential Lodi - North 
 Jones, Wayne Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Karver, Marianne Residential Lodi - North 
 Kaufman, Diane Residential Lodi - North 
 Kaur, Gurpreet Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Kaur, Ranjit Residential Stockton 
 Keating, John Residential Tracy 
 Keenan, Matt Residential Stockton 
 Keevil, Joseph Residential Oakdale 
 Kelly, Cheryl Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Kelly, Mike Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Kemppainen, Linda Residential Oakdale 
 Kerner, Hazel Residential Lodi - South 
 Khan, Roger Residential Lodi - North 
 Khoonsrivong, Lai Residential Stockton 
 King, Paul Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Kisling, Theresa Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Koch, Larry Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Konrad, Brian Residential Lodi - North 
 Konrad, Caitlin Residential Lodi - North 
 Kremer, Stephen E. Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Kuhnle, Mindy Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Laing, Mattie Residential Stockton 
 Landolina, Vince Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Lane, Rebecca Residential Oakdale 
 Lantz, Sara Residential Lodi - North 
 Lawrence, Tracy Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Le, Timmy Q. Residential Stockton 
 Leal, Ramon Residential Stockton 
 Lear, Jan Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Lease, Larry Residential Lockeford 
 Leffler, Duke Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Leffler, Hilary Residential LPM Scenic 
 Lemcke, Doug Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Letras, Josh Residential Modesto - Scenic 
 Linn, Beckie Residential Oakdale 
 Little, Lori Residential Manteca 
 Liu, Edwin Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Locarnini, Michael Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Lomas, Adrian Residential Ceres 
 Lopez, Angelica Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Lovelace, Dale Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Lowe, Gary Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Lowney, Mark L. Residential Escalon 
 Ludder, Narinda Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 MacDonald, Jeannie Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 MacDonald, T.J. Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 MacDonald, Tom Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Madrid-Mendoza, Maria Residential Merced 
 Madrigal, Teresa Residential Patterson 
 Mari, Maria Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Mari, Waleed Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Maricich, Rachel Residential Manteca 
 Marks, Stacy Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Martin, Art Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Martin, Marco Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Martin, Valerie Residential Manteca 
 Martinez, Juan Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Martinez, Sara Residential Manteca 
 Mason, Ron Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Matzek, John Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Mazzanti, Jeannie Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 McAdams, Nick Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 McCann, Elizabeth Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 McClinton, Sue Residential Manteca 
 McCoy, Sandra Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 McDonough, Shannon Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 McIntyre, Kelly Residential Oakdale 
 McMullen, Jami L. Residential Turlock - Geer 
 McNiel, Josie Residential Stockton 
 McPherrin, Melanie Residential Oakdale 
 Medeiros, John Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Mejia, Sandy Residential Tracy 
 Mello, Manuel Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Mello, Tom Residential, Agricultural Manteca 
 Mendonca, Ricky Residential Lodi - North 
 Mendonca, Rose Marie Residential Lodi - North 
 Mendoza, Bethany Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Mendoza, Tony Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Menezes, Lane L. Residential, Agricultural Commercial - Modesto 
 Merchant, Gerald Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Merchant, Patti Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Merenda, Jack Residential Oakdale 
 Metcalf, Joyce Residential Ceres 
 Mettler, Leah Residential Lodi - North 
 Miller, Kelly Residential Sonora 
 Miller-Bergen, Linda Residential Sonora 
 Mills, Ted Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Minerva, Jill Residential Oakdale 
 Minton, Brandi Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Miranda, Brenda Residential Oakdale 
 Molica, Phil Residential Oakdale 
 Molles, Amy Residential Lodi - North 
 Montgomery, Wendy Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Montiel, Amanda Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Mooney, Fred Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Moore, Jan Residential Brownsville / Sierra Foothills 
 Moorhouse, Rebecca Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Mora, Cesar Residential Stockton 
 Mora, Natasha Residential Stockton 
 Moradkhan, Florence Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Morales, Raquel Residential Tracy 
 Moreno, Monica Residential Oakdale 
 Moua, Lena Residential Stockton 
 Mount, Carla Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Mulgado, Alma Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Muniain, Donna Residential, Commercial Oakdale 
 Muniz, Hilda R. Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Muro, Silvia Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Nairn, Dennis Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Neira, Lilia Residential Stockton 
 Nelle, Luisa Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Nelson, Leslie Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Nemeth, Desi Residential Los Banos 
 Newman, David Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Nguyen, An Residential Stockton 
 Nissen, Mary Residential, Commercial Lockeford 
 Njirich, Rick Residential Oakdale 
 Nunes, Linda Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Nussbaumer, Erin Residential Manteca 
 Nydam, John Residential Stockton 
 O'Kane, Linda Residential Oakdale 
 Oaks, Barry Residential Lockeford 
 Oaks, Lindy K. Residential Lockeford 
 Ochoa, Rafael Residential Ceres 
 Ochoa, Ramona Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Ofreneo, Val Residential Patterson 
 Olivas, Jessie M. Residential Stockton 
 Oliveira, Donald Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Oliveira, Dora Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Oliver, Melissa Residential Sonora 
 Olivera, Joseph Residential Lodi - North 
 Ollar, Greg Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Oostema, Marilyn Residential Oakdale 
 Ortega, Catina Residential Stockton 
 Ortiz, Robert Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Oshtory, Fred Residential Stockton 
 Owens, Martina Residential Stockton 
 Palmberg, Kurt J. Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Paniagua, Celina Residential Lodi - North 
 Pantoja, Maria Residential Stockton 
 Pennington-Edwards, Donna Residential Stockton 
 Pennino, Melanie Residential Lodi - South 
 Penzotti, Michael J. Residential Ceres 
 Perez, Fred Residential Stockton 
 Perez, Gustavo Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Petersen, Doreen Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Peterson, Ashley Residential Escalon 
 Peterson, Linda L. Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Peterson, Mike Residential Stockton 
 Phan, Helen Residential Stockton 
 Phipps, Shanale Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Pimentel, Rosalina Labios Residential Manteca 
 Piro, Mary Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Pittenger, Rick Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Pope, Cary Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Popolizio, Nick Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Popolizio, Robin Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Powell, Jerry Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Prasad, Rajend Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Prescott, Anita Valentina Residential Oakdale 
 Price, Daniel Commercial LPM Scenic 
 Price, Jeff Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Quirarte, Ernesto Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Raby, Cara Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Ramirez, Brian Residential Stockton 
 Ramirez, Mauricio Residential Ceres 
 Ramirez, Nancy Residential Modesto - Scenic 
 Ramsey, Trina Residential Manteca 
 Randolph-Harris, Gwendolyn Residential Manteca 
 Rasuli, Valia Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Reece, Maribeth Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Reed, Constance Residential Manteca 
 Relf-Campbell, Melanie Residential Stockton 
 Resendiz, Katherine Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Reyes, Margarita Residential Stockton 
 Reyes, Martha Residential Stockton 
 Rhode, Tim Residential Manteca 
 Riccardi, Tricia Residential Oakdale 
 Rico, Yolanda Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Riddle, Kate Residential Lodi - South 
 Rios, Rosalie Residential Stockton 
 Roberts, Leesa Residential Stockton 
 Robertson, Carol Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Robinson, Carol Residential Lodi - North 
 Robinson, Russell Residential Jackson 
 Robinson, Suzanne Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Roderick, Bonnie Residential Ceres 
 Rodriguez, Carol Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Rodriguez, Gonzalo Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Rodriguez, Poncie Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Rodriguez, Vladimir Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Romasanta, Mel Residential Stockton 
 Romero, Adrian Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Romes, Pamela Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Rosas, Adrian Residential Stockton 
 Ruiz, Imelda Residential Patterson 
 Ruiz, Rafael Residential Patterson 
 Russell, Brenda Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Russell, Ken Residential Oakdale 
 Russitano, Susan Residential Manteca 
 Saarloos, Debbie Residential Manteca 
 Sabo, Ray Residential Stockton 
 Sahibzada, Rosie Residential Tracy 
 Salinas, Aida Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Salinas, Lionel Jr.. Residential Los Banos 
 Sanchez, Donny Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Sanchez, Mary Residential Ceres 
 Sandhu, George Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Sandoval, Hope Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Sauser, Robert Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Schaber, Pete Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Schaffran, Peggy Ann Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Schamber, Eileen Residential Lockeford 
 Schmidt, Phil Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Schmidt-Parks, Jill Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Scott, Rod Residential, Commercial Turlock - Geer 
 Sekhon, Mana Residential Stockton 
 Selover, Dr. Bob Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Sensley, Karen Residential Stockton 
 Serpa, Karen Residential Oakdale 
 Serrato, Juliet Residential Ceres 
 Service, Customer Residential Client Services 
 Servin, Patricia Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Shatz, Roxanna Residential Escalon 
 Shaw, Chris Residential Modesto - Scenic 
 Shaw, Jeffrey Residential Modesto - Scenic 
 Shaw, Keri Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Silva, Lori Residential Escalon 
 Silva, Rachelle Residential Ceres 
 Simmons, LaDonna Residential Oakdale 
 Simon, Miguel Residential Ceres 
 Simon, Sargon Residential, Commercial Modesto - Carpenter 
 Singh, Jocelyn Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Singh, Tony Residential Ceres 
 Skordos-Moore, Maria Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Smith, John Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Soares, Michael Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Solano, Miguel L. Residential Ceres 
 Soldwisch, David Residential Manteca 
 Soleimani, Mansoor Residential Stockton 
 Sorrenti, Amy Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Souza, John Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Souza, Lori Residential Ripon 
 Souza, Malissa Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Spencer, Lisa Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Spencer, Tim Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Spillers, Tammy Residential Oakdale 
 Steaveson, John Residential Ripon 
 Stevens, Lyndsay M. Residential Modesto - Scenic 
 Steves, Lisa Residential Oakdale 
 Stewart, Linda Residential Ripon 
 Stilphen, Carolynne Residential, Commercial Lodi - North 
 Stockdale, Ray Residential Los Banos 
 Stonebarger, Casey Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Stonebarger, Danny Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Storms, Tracee Residential, Commercial Turlock - Geer 
 Sump, Jon Residential Lodi - North 
 Teague, Oscar Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Terrero, Eric Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Terry, Candice Residential Gustine 
 Theis, Jim Residential, Commercial Turlock - Geer 
 Theis, Marcus Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Thistlethwaite, Brenda Residential Sonora 
 Tidmarsh, Jaci Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Tidwell, Penni Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Tiffany, Adrina Residential Stockton 
 Toombs, Gary Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Toombs, Pam Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Truong, Janet Residential Tracy 
 Truscott, Jan Residential Stockton 
 Truscott, Lorne Residential Stockton 
 Ullrich, Edith Residential, Commercial Lodi - South 
 Valencia, Alberto Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Valencia, Christina Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Valencia, Gigi Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Vallerand, Kathi Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Van Artsdalen, Thom Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Van Hook, Jane Residential, Commercial Manteca 
 Van Riet, Judi Residential Ripon 
 Vanni, Mary Residential Stockton 
 Varni, Marianne Residential Stockton 
 Vazquez, Hector Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Vegas, Sheree Residential Oakdale 
 Velez, Louis Residential Stockton 
 Velthoen, Brian K. Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Venhuizen, Kim M. Residential Lodi - North 
 Viel, Annette Residential Lodi - North 
 Villagran, Honey Residential Ceres 
 Virk, Guranjan Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Virk, Hardeep Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Wallace, Patrick Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Wallmark, Daniel Residential Lodi - North 
 Warda, Laith Residential Turlock - Geer 
 Watson, Nancy Residential Manteca 
 Watt, Kelly Residential Stockton 
 Webb, Steve Residential Ceres 
 Weese, Mark Residential Stockton 
 Wendt, Darcy Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 West, Aaron Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Western, Grant Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Whetton, Jennifer L. Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Whitley, Cristy Residential Oakdale 
 Whyte, Thomas Residential Tracy 
 Wilbur, Ian Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Williams, Glee Commercial, Agricultural Commercial - Modesto 
 Williams, Kimberlee Residential Jackson 
 Williams, Theresa Residential Lodi - South 
 Wilson, Christy Residential Oakdale 
 Wilson, Gayla Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Wilson, Natalie Residential Turlock - Fulkerth 
 Winter, Jeremy Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Wissink, Warren Residential Ripon 
 Wissner, Sondra Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Wolfe, Andy Residential Tracy 
 Wood, Gary Residential Stockton 
 Woodford, Lynette Residential Manteca 
 Woods, Terry L. Jr. Residential Lodi - North 
 Woods, Terry Residential Lodi - North 
 Wright, JoAnna Residential Stockton 
 Xiong, Pang Residential Stockton 
 Yadollahi, Frank Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Younathan, Claudine Residential Modesto - Carpenter 
 Young, Brad Residential Manteca 
 Young, Emily Residential Lodi - North 
 Yu, Jane Residential Oakdale 
 Zagaris, Mike Residential, Commercial Corporate 
 Zagaris, Steven J. Residential Modesto - Orangeburg 
 Zaman, Faiyaz Residential Stockton 
 Zambrano, Sandra Residential Stockton 
 Zamora, Taide Residential Manteca 
 Zeff, Peter W. Commercial Commercial - Modesto 
 Zepeda, Virginia Residential Manteca 
 Zulueta, A.J. Residential Stockton 
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