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Mike & Mary Walker
August 2019


Laurie Saul
July 2019

Brittaney Lindo
June 2019

Miguel and LaVerna Blanco
April 2019

Brad and Tasha Rauchman
March 2019

Malcolm Crosby
July 2018
Steven Franklin & Susan White
July 2018

"To whom it may concern when buying or selling your home,
I am writing this letter in recommendation for Jessie Barrett. Jessie helped me in the sale of my home in Modesto Ca. She made it an easy transition through all the processes and legalities. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

Thank you Jessie!
Steven Franklin"


Brenda Harris
May 2018
Donna Nobriga
May 2018

"To Whom It May Concern:

I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for Jessie Barrett. Jessie was my realtor when I sold my house in May of 2018.

In all my dealings with Jessie throughout the sale process, she was kind, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. I could not have asked for a better person to represent me.

If you are looking for someone to sell your property, I know Jessie Barrett would do a great job!

Thank you,
Donna Nobriga"


Nobriga Family
May 2018
Monica Duffy & Monique Montee
Feb 2018

"To whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure of meeting Jessie Barrett in 2017. My family and I hired Jessie as our realtor to assist in teh sale of our home in Salida, California.

Jessie demonstrated a consistent pattern of commitment to us throughout the entire process of the sale of our home. She is intelligent..." (read more)

Carl and Tori Goodwin
Dec 2017

You did such a great job every time we have needed your assistance! Thank you so much, Jessie! I really admire your work ethic and I hope to one day be as good a business woman as you. :)

Sincerely yours,
Victoria Goodwin"

Letter of Recommendation
October 2017

"To whom it may concern,

This letter serves as a personal reference letter for Jessie Barrett.  I met Jessie when my mom became a peer of hers through a mutual real estate office around 20 years ago.  Right off the bat she became a close personal friend of the family.  Her glow, charm, and bubbly personality tend to draw people right in.

As an Agent in the Real Estate world, Jessie comes highly recommended not only because of the quality of work she produces but due to her knowledge, expertise, honesty, integrity, and willingness to go out of her way to ensure someone else is taken care of.  She is a very up front and trustworthy person both professionally and personally which is why on multiple occasions I have chosen to work with Jessie on all my real estate transactions and will continue to do so going forward.

In summary, Jessie is one of the most fine/upstanding people I know, with all of the best of intentions and a genuine character all the way around.  A rare find!

If you require more information, please feel free to contact me at

Best regards,
Kristyl Gonzales"


Debbie Stewart
August 2017
Schupp Family
August 2017

"We've known Jessie Barrett and her whole family for that matter, for 31 years.  So, when it came time to sell our house there was no easier decision to make then to have Jessie sell it.  Her knowledge of the local market and the ins and outs of the complicated real-estate procedure is impeccable.

We would recommend Jessie for all your real-estate needs.  She is highly professional and always with a smile on her face.

This was our second go around with Jessie, as she was instrumental with helping our daughter buy her first house.  So when it comes time to buy or sell a house, just call Jessie and grin.............

thanks Jess, love u.......m&m"

Kevin & Brittany Milbeck
June 2017

"It is with pleasure that we share our wonderful experience working with Jessie over the past few years.  She has assisted us through two home purchases and one home sale, and she has always treated us as not just clients, but family. Her expertise in every department never ceases to amaze me and she truly knows the ins and outs of the real estate market. With our last sale, she was quick to assist us with hiring a handyman, housekeeper, etc. to ensure that our home was in the best selling condition possible. With her superb advertising, she secured an offer before the house was even shown. Every transaction we have done with Jessie has gone quickly and smoothly, and we will continue to use her for all of our real estate needs in the future!

Thanks again,

Kevin & Brittany"


Matthew Peters
June 2017

Rawlings Family
December 2016
Letter of Recommendation
November 2016

"I found Jessie online, looking to refer an agent to my cousins, selling a home in her area of expertise. Jessie treated them like family and kept in touch with me for the several months that it took to get the home sold. Jessie was efficient, communicative and very patient. It was a very tough deal and Jessie was very proactive with the city to have issues addressed and taken care of in the surrounding neighborhoods.

I will always refer Jessie, as a fellow colleague, with the utmost confidence. "

Teresa Zocchi
Teresa Zocchi Real Estate Team

Rene & Louis Zocchi
September 2016

"Jessie is an excellent realtor! She was great to work with during the sale of our home. She is very knowledgeable regarding the local market, honest and caring. She kept us informed as to the the latest comps, showings and strategies. She is very professional and really enjoyed working with her! I would highly recommend her.

Rene and Louis Zocchi"

SOLD in Del Webb
September 2016

"To whom it may concern,

I had always heard of horror stories and lengthy delays in buying a home, but I just experienced a truly professional, yet personal experience with having Jessie Barrett from PMZ Realtors as my realtor. From the day we started, she was there for every e-mail, text, and phone call I sent her way, and she always had a speedy reply with a positive note attached. We both decided to speed up the process, as much as possible and within thirty days, the house was mine!

Thank you Jessie and PMZ!"

Harriett Applegarth

Another grinning Buyer & Seller testimony
March 2016

"To the next home buyer: a little over two years ago I decided to look for a home in Manteca and met Jessie Barrett. Not long after our first introduction we were off and running looking at homes. Jesse had done all of her homework ahead of time and we were on the move. While we were visiting homes I could see her taking mental notes of what I liked and didn't like about the places we saw. Not too long after I settled on home and throughout the process Jesse was always there, never in the way or a bother, but always there to answer questions and handle all of the actions on her side of home purchase equation. Jessie has been great about keeping up over these past months, and in particular paying close attention to homes coming on the market that she knew I had expressed an interest in. Not surprisingly, a little over a year in my first Manteca home, Jessie reached out to me to see if I had any interest in a home she ran across that was for sale. Sure enough I found myself in the home purchase process again. I had an opportunity again to observe just how well she handled this second home purchase and from my vantage point, it could not have been smoother. I bought and sold a few homes in my lifetime and with that it is easy for me to conclude which of the realtors have their stuff together, really know their business. The best compliment I can pay Jesse is that next time around, if there is one, I'll be reaching out for her. The best recommendation I can pass along to the next home buyer.......if you want a pro to take you through the paces of your next home purchase, look to Jessie and you'll be completely satisfied."

John in Del Webb

Brenda & Teena
January 2016

The last thing in the world I never thought I would ever do was looking to buy a house but we made the decision to do what?? From the first call that we made to Jessie to the last "i" dotted on the closing paperwork, it has been an experience I will never forget. Being first time homeowners, we didn't know the process or how all of it worked but Jessie walked us through everything, was always a phone call away if we had any questions (which was alot, sorry Jessie) and made the experience so much better. She has alot of contacts so anything that needs to be taken care of...she is on it. If you're an expert or a newbie like us, Jessie is the one you want in your corner!!! Thank you Jessie for helping us...WE LOVE OUR HOME!!!


Colao Family
November 2015

Claire & Steven Barrett
September 2015

Sal & Donna Vargas
May 2015

Kevin & Brittney Milbeck
March 2015
Howard & Sandra Boyd
February 2015

"Jessie Barrett found us our new home, and we are very grateful for all of her hard work. It was no easy task either, because our wish list kept constantly changing. We first found a single level fixer upper and Jessie arranged for all of the tradesmen to meet us there for estimates on painting, flooring, roofing, and repairs. That saved us a lot of time, but unfortunately the house needed way too much work. Next we thought we wanted a two story and Jessie found us a gorgeous property. But as we thought it over we realized that older people with bad knees were not a good match for a two story home. Jessie sent us daily emails of newly listed properties and we visited many of them. We wanted newer, then older, bigger, then smaller, without pool and then with pool. We knew this would probably be the last home we purchased and this was a very difficult decision. Jessie was so patient with us, always quick to answer our countless questions and she never gave up. Jessie worked very hard to find us the right home. She has many years of experience, is very professional, and has many contacts in the area. I would highly recommend Jessie Barrett to anyone looking to buy a home. Jessie is the Bomb!"

Sandra and Howard Boyd


Tasha and Brad Rauchman
December 2014
Martha & Elizabeth
October 2014

Jessie Barrett sold our house and sold us a house!


Paula Cortez
August 2014

Jim Nyberg
August 2014
Chris & Ashley Robinson
August 2014

"We are very pleased to have used Jessie Barrett with PMZ as our Realtor to purchase our Home. She went above and beyond what she needed to, making the whole process very easy and Desirable. We will definitely be using her on our next purchase."

Thank you
The Robinson Family

Rick & Sandi Gilbert
August 2014

"Hi Jessie,
Just wanted to thank you for helping us sell our home. We felt we needed to acknowledge everything you did for us, like taking time out to come to our house the same day we called you.  You listed our home immediately on the internet which resulted in selling our home quickly. You were very professional, detailed and informative to us, so we knew exactly what to expect.We have already told friends who are interested in selling their home to contact you, because you will treat them fairly."

Rick and Sandi Gilbert

John & Linda Hart
August 2014

"I am writing to recommend Jessie M. Barrett, Realtor.
Jessie's knowledge, experience and adaptability in real estate sales never ceased to amaze me. Her communication skills, patience and perseverance to get her clients to that "SOLD" sign are impeccable.  Jessie is a true professional and valued in the community."

Yours truly,
Linda & John Hart
Manteca, California

Gail Perry said...
August 2014

"George and I would highly recommend Jessie Barrett for any of your real estate needs. We first met Jessie many years ago when she helped our daughter with her home purchase, She has assisted us in commercial and home real estate questions and needs. We have consulted with her with all our questions, Jessie is not only a good realtor, we consider her a good friend."

Albert & Janet Andrade
July 2014

"Jessie Barrett is knowledgeable, dependable, sincere, and professional.

Jessie was our realtor, she sold our home in a timely manner, and answered all of our questions, and concerns with a smile. My husband Al and I are very happy with the way she handled the sale of the home."

Janet Andrade

Connie Linarez said...
May 2014

"We had put our house on the market previous to meeting Jessie, it had been on the market for over 3 months and we didn't receive a single offer.  We took it off the market thinking our home would never sell.  After receiving one of her flyers in the mail we decided to give it a shot with her.  BEST DECISION EVER! Our house was on the market for 3 days and we received 2 offers, 5 days later it was pending.  Jessie was so professional when we asked her to come over and talk to us about what she could do for us. Jessie was confident our home would sell quick and it DID!  Thank you Jessie for making this process so easy for us and we will refer all of our friends to you.  Thanks Again!!!"

James & Rosemary Cadle

"Dear Jessie:

In the late months of 2011, we listed our family home with you.  That period, as you well know, came during the devastating real estate downturn.  We had little reason to expect a favorable outcome until we met you." (read more)

Debbie Wilson
April 2014

"To Whom It May Concern:

Jessie Barrett is the best agent you could have on your side when selling or purchasing a home.

My husband and I met Jessie many years ago at an open house that she was hosting.  She had taken our name and phone number and a description of what we thought we would want to purchase..." (read more)

Angelo & Evelyn Curiel
April 2014

"Dear Jessie:

It is our great pleasure to recommend Jessie Barrett.  Jessie understood our family's needs and goals.  She was very thorough and made sure to educate us on the process.  We always felt comfortable to call or text her anytime with any questions.  We absolutely loved that she got straight to the point.  She did not waste our time with houses that didn't meet our needs.  We will forever thank her for leading us to our perfect home.

Thank you Jessie!"
The Curiel Family


Patty Renderos
September 2013
Carroll Family
August 2013

"The service and personal attention we received from Jessie Barrett was exceptional and unexpected from a realtor! She is truly a high-calibre person. She is always diligent in responding to emails and obtaining information.  Her knowledge of the local market and her key contacts in the community helped us in our search for our dream home in Manteca. After patiently going through listings and explaining tax details with us, she made sure we got the best offer for our previous home in Stockton and more importantly, the best value purchase for the new one!

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Jessie Barrett to help you in this life changing move. We could not have asked for a better realtor to guide us through the process."

Chuck and Rose Carroll
Therese and Gary Freitas
August 2013

"To whom it may concern,

Jessie was recommended to us by a friend. From the first time we talked to her and then sat in our kitchen with her, we knew she would do a great job. Through our process of selling our home, Jessie was always there, whether it was a phone call, email or text. We never had to wait for answers to our very many questions." (read more)

Dana & Jay Faber
July 2013

"Stress free! If there were one statement to describe how Jessie Barrett made the sale of our house go, it is Stress free! Jessie took all the punches and let us enjoy the transition to our new location. She and her staff kept us up to date on all..." (read more)

Blanco Family
May 7th 2013


Miguel and I would like to thank you for the exceptional service and help you provided to get us into our wonderful new home. We both appreciated how you pointed out the good qualities in the homes and the surrounding areas we looked at, but more importantly you showed us things we'd want to avoid (like busy streets when we have toddlers, or costly repairs that would need to be done later on).

The home you found for us is perfect for our family! We can't thank you enough for helping to make it happen. The girls love their room, and "their park" around the corner. We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family."

LaVerna and Miguel Blanco

Mary Helen Mireles & Rosie
May 7th 2013

"To whom it may concern:

Jessie Barrett......

Took care of the selling of my father's home in Tracy in 2013. Due to my father's health condition she was very considerate and understanding. Jessie gave my sister (my father's care giver) plenty of notice prior to showing the home she worked with my sister to get her a fair price for the home and treated each one in the family with care and respect.

I have known Jessie since 1976 and during this time she has always been a person you can count on. So if you are interested in selling your home make sure to give Jessie Barrett a call."


Elizabeth & Farhan Mohsin
April 2013

James & Norma Carbajal
Nov 28th 2012
Stefanie Durich
Oct 11th 2012


Thank you so much for being the greatest realtor!  I couldn't imagine going through the process without you (and wouldn't want to!) I really appreciate everything you have done & how wonderful you are!" (read more)

Click here to read Stefanie Durich's review on

Stefanie said...
July 18th 2012

"I'm currently in the process of purchasing a home in Manteca, so was referred to Jessie by another realtor in Cupertino. I was a bit wary after having dealt with several realtors who had little follow through and who were not very helpful to me as a first time buyer with a limited budget and limited knowledge of what the heck I was doing.

Jessie to the rescue!! Jessie has been there from day one with quick e-mail/phone/text support. She will take the time to answer any questions you have, explain anything in the process, and she is fair and honest. She's a real person, and yes her job is to sell you a house, but she will make sure it is the house you want that is right for you.

I'm purchasing a short sale, which silly me, I at first thought meant the sale process would be short. Nope, Jessie educated me: It means the house is being sold short of what the current owner owes in their mortgage, so it takes MUCH longer than a regular sale. Other first time buyers take note, it could take a long time.

During this process, Jessie has regularly contacted the selling agent (without me prodding) and kept me in the loop as to where we stand. She has done all the work contacting my lender for any updates needed, and has arranged for my family to be able to go see the house even though we are still waiting on approval from the selling bank. Jessie goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you are getting what you want, aren't left in the dark about the process, and that things are done in a timely manner.

I will update once I close on the house, but I already know, if you're looking for a realtor in the Manteca/Tracy/Livermore area, you should definitely contact Jessie Barrett at PMZ. While I was looking for a home, she spent hours with me touring 11 homes in one day and putting in offers. She takes the time and really cares about her clients. I wold recommend her to anyone.

She even has a cute slogan: "For all your real estate needs remember, grin and let Jessie Barret." The English teacher in me deeply appreciates how punny she is. But really, she bears the burden of all the troublesome communication and paperwork for you, with a smile and your best interest in mind. If you need a realtor in those areas, contact Jessie for the best!"

Alan and Cris Jones said...
April 2012

"We are writing this letter to express our pleasure with real estate agent Jessie Barrett, who represented us in our recent purchase of a single-family home ranchette and is currently representing us in a short sale of our old home.

Jessie guided us through the entire process, from loan prequalification to searching for houses to making the offer and closing the deal on our current ranchette. I want to add that Jessie was very patient with us." (read more)


Shirley Price
April 2012
Kerri Smith Falco
March 2012

"I am pleased to write this referral for Jessie Barrett. I have used Jessie's services more than once and would not hesitate do so again. Jessie knows real estate! She is fair, professional and best of all compassionate.

My most recent purchase was a little scary because of the economy in my area and that I was buying as a single woman for the first time. Jessie was patient and took the time to hear my wants as well as needs concerning purchase.

In the process, whenever I had a concern or question she promptly a clearly helped me to understand "what I was doing".
Because Jessie has been in the business a while she knows the process from every angle. That gave me comfort in one of life's biggest decisions.

One last thing, Jessie was present at the lender, at title and readily available after the sale for any questions.
If you are looking for the best, look no further!!!"

Kerri Smith

Bob and Marie Rehn said...
December 2011

"Dear Jessie,

Marie and I would like to say thank you for the great job you did selling our house recently. We were completely amazed at how quick things happened. We were worried about selling our home in a down market but after working with you our worries diminished. You gave us professional advice on what we needed to do to make the house ready to show and explained the housing market pertaining to our area." (read more)

Jose & Felicia Diaz
Dec 1st 2011

"My Husband and I were in the market to purchase our first home and originally we had a different realtor than Jessie who did show us a few houses, when we stumbled upon our dream house the realtor kind of gave us the feeling we had no chance. My mother had mentioned that a previous neighbor Jessie had been a realtor..." (read more)


Deana Ehlen
Nov 16th 2011

Ashley & Lily Gerstel
July 2011

I purchased my first home in July 2011. Jessie was/is a fantastic realtor and I couldn’t have asked for anything better! She is a hard worker and will make sure you get the dream home you’re looking for at the best deal! She is extremely diligent and knowledgeable! If you’re looking to purchase or sell a home, this is the realtor for you! You won’t be let down!! :0)

Thanks again Jessie! Have a fantastic day!! :0)"

Ashley Gerstel (read more)

DRE Agent Lic. No. 01007648

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