About PMZ Real Estate


I moved to Oakdale with my wife, Diane (also a PMZ agent), from San Francisco in 1990. Much
like the town of Newark, California, where I grew up as a child back in the 60s, Oakdale has
had that small town feel that many people today only experience nostalgically. It's been a great
community to raise our three children in.
Whether you're searching for a slower paced environment where you can raise your family, or
you're ready to settle down and enjoy a relaxing retirement, the Central Valley may be just the
place for you. For those of you who are fortunate to live here already, when it's time to move up
or scale down, I'll be here to assist you as well.
In the nearly three decades that I have lived here, I have witnessed modest growth in
population and significant increases in property values. Having spent the greater portion of my
adult life here, I am very familiar with Oakdale and the surrounding cities. With my experience
in successfully helping sellers and buyers achieve their goals, and with the backing of the PMZ
Real Estate network of over 600 leading agents, I am ready to handle your transaction with
great care, concern, and attention to detail.
I look forward to working with you and for you.