About PMZ Real Estate


Derik Dami, a Real Estate Professional at PMZ Real Estate, is well positioned when representing you in Modesto, Ceres, Oakdale, Turlock, Salida, Ripon, Manteca, and Tracy as one of the premier real estate agents in the central valley.

"I have been in the business of buying, selling, renovating and financing real estate for others for over twenty-five years says, Dami. I take pride in meeting and working with individuals looking for the same mutual opportunity to build a level of trust, respect, and communication for a long and sustainable relationship."

"I love what I do and believe buying and selling real estate can be a very positive experience."

Derik Dami and PMZ Real Estate as real estate leaders offer you the longevity, experience, knowledge, and the tools that are needed to be successful in today's housing market.