About PMZ Real Estate


I grew up in Shanghai, China, and I am fluent in Chinese and English.

我在上海长大,二十多年前来美国求学,现定居STOCKTON。我精通中英文, 并在加州有多年投资和买卖房地产经验。很多中国买家想买旧金山和硅谷附近的房地产,但近年湾区房价飙升, 让人望而却步。 STOCKTON比邻硅谷和旧金山湾区(约一个小时车程),30万美金就可以买到大约2000平方英尺带前后花园和2-3车库的独栋别墅。作为PMZ (加州中央谷地区最大的地产公司)的专业地产顾问, 我可以为您提供贷款、租赁、保险等一站式服务。

As home prices have escalated to crisis levels in the Bay Area, the Central Valley is truly a wonderful place to live. Stockton is only an hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area and is incredibly affordable: for $300,000, you can comfortably buy a 2,000 square foot single-family house.

I work with both sellers and buyers. My company, PMZ Real Estate is the largest in the Central Valley. We offer full service from choosing your home, to financing and insuring your investment. We make it easy for you.