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I have been in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry since 2002. Working hard to learn the business from telemarketing, to loan processor, broker assistant, and now, as a proud RealtorĀ®.

I became interested in the Real Estate business through my father's eyes. He began with the first family home purchase in the Bay Area when I was just a little girl. His second property was a land purchase in Manteca. It was just land to us kids but, it was much more to him. It was an investment in his children's future. My Father would tell me how blessed he felt to own a piece of God's good earth, and one day this investment will help us, his five children, pay for our education. Though he knew very little about purchasing homes or land, he worked different agents with each purchase regardless of the process.

My father always wanted one of his children to help him learn the Real Estate process and I loved the idea of having a piece of God's good earth. I became the chosen one! I studied and during my studies I worked in mortgage companies, lending companies, processing and enjoyed assisting with a diverse group of agents. The more I learned, the more excited I was to complete the next step. REALTOR!

During the experience in the Real Estate business, my greatest joy is making a big difference in the lives of so many types of clients, families, first-time buyers, a new couple, investors or just the ALL American Dream. God's good earth is abundant and my goal is to create a smooth, stress-free and pleasant experience in buying or selling a piece of that earth to each of my clients. 

Joining PMZ Real Estate in 2008 has allowed me to focus more of my time in helping Buyers and Sellers as they are the # 1 Company in the Central Valley. In 2014 I was invited to Join The Del Real Group who is proudly recognized as the #1 Team at PMZ Real Estate for 5 years and counting.

The  #1  Agent and Team at PMZ Real Estate for 10 years and counting
(2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019)

Ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the #1 Agent and #10 Team!

The Del Real Group is a Marketing Team that specializes in Real Estate sales. Bringing the home to the buyers using predictive analytics. Taking an Amazon-like approach to marketing through the power of storytelling. See Real Estate Tour example below!

G o o g l e  us and find out what our clients are saying. Most
reviewed Team in the Central Valley!

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