About PMZ Real Estate


II have held a California Real Estate license since 1991, and over the past 28 years, I have gained a great amount of Real Estate knowledge through experience and continuing education.

In 1987 I moved from the Bay Area to the San Joaquin Valley.

I am extremely fortunate to be a Broker Associate with PMZ Real Estate, a company that sells the most Real Estate in the Central Valley. PMZ and its affiliates will help you navigate the fields related to Property Management, Commercial Investments, Home Lending, Home Insurance, and Home Warranties.

I am systematic and organized. I work with sellers who are looking to upgrade to a newer and larger home, individuals that are on the verge of retirement and planning to move into a smaller and more practical home or first-time homebuyers that need assistance with down payment and closing cost. The needs and preference for each of these grope of buyers or sellers can be quite different. Listening to the buyers and sellers to determine their need is most important.

Please give me a call with any question related to buying or selling a home and you will have an honest agent that will not only work hard for you but will treat you with dignity and respect.